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It seems that a majority of users/readers/viewers are prepared to be meaning-fed via the traditional sensory mirroring/chunking that we all consider a signification by-product of regulatory art, entertainment or even culturally defined activity [sound, text, image, movement, and the as yet largely abortive taste/"smell-o-vision"]. This makes the ability to rewire or reroute these basic sensory-interfaced telemetries and meaning gauges less important than our need to traditionally perceive and construct meaning via a biologically-mandated front. Work that is intrinsically linked to code.wurk production [code.writing] is often perceived - or sensed - as nonsense or less evolved in terms of practice than other, more obvious multi-mediac work because of this; code/net.wurks seem incapable of being absorbed via the reflective modes that assist in their construction.

The works available in "_][ad][Dressed in a Skin C.ode_" [http://www.cddc.vt.edu/host/netwurker/] all stem from a basic net.wurk practice; one that projects via email lists as an instinctive reaction to the data-in-flux/meniscus that surrounds and supports it. These email code.wurks delineate a particular trajectory [in terms of net usage to define and actualise the work] more aptly than the "click & explore" versions that are present in the resulting document work; however, the multitude of _Texts_ [this term is used inclusively in reference to more than the typed elements alone] accessible via _][ad][Dressed in a Skin C.ode_ are largely meaning-negotiable in terms of the initial-in-net-utero email core construction. Interestingly, a large chunk of the user/viewer population seem reluctant to engage these core code.wurks in terms of meaning extraction and absorption.

The DNA of programmer fare is code: the schemata of mobile/relay chat is manufactured via abbreviation, punctuation, and character realignment: the nuances of web communciation are framed, linked & nestled in network strata. I choose to adopt/co-opt these mechanisms and assume that soon [in terms of a gradual re-educative filtration process] users will be able to recognize the source-modes and compile their sensory abilities along the lines of newly-produced expressions intimately related to the stuff of net.wurked life rather than on regulation sensory reverberations.

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