[-empyre-] Re: bidimensionality and digital sublime

im a bit behind on reading the list,

christina wrote
>    The aesthetic of the experiments is so direct it reminds me of Lygia
> Clark in the sixties; as Guy Brett remarks, "Clark's address to the
> 'spectator' was always in the mode of an invitiation to play, complex
> thoughts crystallized around a very simple model." ("Force Fields of the

im glad you mentioned lygia clarke and her fabulous works in the
force fileds show....gave me an excuse to pull out the catalogue.. and an
opportunity to re-live Gianni Colombos' elastic space (spazio elastico)
from 1967 whcih
for me was a better VR experience than being at IMAX or in a CAVE!!. Elastic
Space its
made from flourescent coated string suspended in a 3d grid by weights and
pulleys inside a large dark box . as you walk thru the space the string
glows, and the dimensions and perspectives appear to change as the pulleys
move the strings and you get a sense of space bending around you.. its
great..its smoke and mirrors (well cardboard and string) .. and it sooooo

 i was thinking again patrick about what you were sayng about nerual
implants and how that will be truely immersive..
i must say i really dont believe we need complex technology backed by post
doctoral research and large corporate funding to make VeeR experience
immersive ..
the immersion happens in the mind|body, and thats why the net is such an
attractive and effective delivery medium for artsists.

joseph wrote:

> I would enjoy hearing more about your ideas on "organicly soft
> tri-dimensional space". It seems to adhere to my evaluation that art now
> a matter of visualizing aesthetic sensations linked to technological and
> sexual concepts. Art-tech is essentially a mental prosthetic then for both

its a bit hard to explain in an email paragraph.... and its part of my
endless phd... theres a paper i wrote on it which will be available in the
reader at transmediale in berlin this year. while i dont think sexual is
ever to be discounted.. its not a main motivator of my concept of space
which is more sensual (um is it called polymorphous perverse? that infant
state of everything is a yummy experience), and an  attempt to add another
dimension to the binary..as its
impossible to discount or think of 'reality " as we know it without that
polarisation. but we do live in 3d quantum space where everything
has opposing values, and i think the stabilising factor is the third
dimension, or the unity of vast colonies of bacteria that make up the
body... its part of that stuff i was saying in an earlier post about
x(horizon), y(depth),  z(body/self \flesh) axes of 3d space.

if i get to be an empyre guest one day i'll talk about it at length..:)

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