[-empyre-] introduces web3d art

This month -empyre- media list will navigate around the aesthetic, technical
and theoretical issues of  3 dimensional web art, focusing on
theWeb3dart2002 show curated by Kathy Rae Huffman and Karel Dudesek,  just
shown at the Web3d 2002 Symposium in Tempe Arizona, and moving to the Media
Center at the ICA, London in March and April 2002.

Artists from the show who have generously agreed to discuss thier work
Tamiko Thiel, Germany/USA: utilising VRML to locate us in an internment camp
Zvonimir Bakotin, Croatia: interactive 3D architecture of Merzbau
Jaka Zeleznikar, Slovinia: navigates a 3d language of desire
Ricardo Barreto, Brazil: investigates the pluralistic Body
Melinda Rackham: Australia: empyrean multiuser VRML scapes
John Klima, USA : realtime 3d java representaion of  global War Games
Patrick Keller /Fabric, Switzerland : experimental VRML architectual and
avatar construction,
Leander Seige, Germany: 3Dopen source file system browser for Linux.
Anthony Rowe /Squidsoup, UK: interactive underwater 3d sound space.

The discussion will be kicked off later today by Nick Polys from 3DeZ.net
and the Web3d Consortium, who will discuss some outcomes from the Web3d
Symposium, and how this may effect individual artists working in 3d
online media. Unfortunately Mark Pesce can no longer join our discussion as
was previously advised.

Please note this may be a technically demanding discussion if you are not
used to 3d content, however if you can not view the works directly there is
documentation and screen shots available on the web3d art site and at most
artists sites. "Browsers used are Netscape and Explorer, OS-Linux, Windows,
Macintosh, plugins in the projects include Cortona, NeMo, Shockwave, Cosmo
Player and Blaxxun - links to these download sites are included in the
Web3DArt site. We recommend close attention to technical specifications
given for each work." - From the curators introduction

Thankyou to everyone involved.. as from today - 5 March - each guest  will
post a short discussion of thier work at an intervals of a day or so, up
untill the 14th. Please respond at any time to any issues raised in the

Melinda Rackham

Web3dart2002     http://www.web3dart.org/node.php3
Nick Polys            http://www.3DeZ.net
Tamiko Thiel         http://mission.base.com/tamiko/
Zvonimir Bakotin   http://www.merzbau.org
Jaka Zeleznikar     http://www.jaka.org/2001/sd/
Ricardo Barreto    http://www.satmundi.com/body/windowbody.html
Melinda Rackham http://www.subtle.net/empyrean
John Klima            http://www.cityarts.com/greatgame
Patrick Keller        http://www.fabric.ch/knowscape/
Leander Seige        http://www.hgb-leipzig.de/~leander/TDFSB
Anthony Rowe       http://www.altzero.com

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