[-empyre-] ready to stoke the pyre- ~!

Greetings all,

    I am most honored and pleased to be invited to participate in this list;
my name is Nicholas Polys, currently writing and producing for 3DeZ.net and
active on the Board of Directors of the Web3D Consortium as well as the X3D
Task and Spec groups.
    In the last few years of being a writer and Web3D technologist, I have
been consistently inspired by the content artisan's approach and use of Deep
Media- it has helped me contextualize my programming and production work and
learn lessons on how to integrate principles of the visual graphics

    Innovation is spawned by necessity, and this had proved true as our
pioneers have build beachheads in the void of tools and the flux of stable
players.  While I do believe that design and programming skills are
converging onto the resume, and my outreach is principly concerned with
giving language to this bridge, I feel we are looking at exciting new
prospects with X3D.  Its success will be directly proportional to those
pioneers' continued engagement and improvement.
I hope to cover usability, 3D UI, a little bit of tech as relates to
whatever goals we may discover.

I will post a little industry update and diatribe shortly here, and I look
forward to hearing your points of view and feedback.

Here's a little background / CV used for Symposium and SIGGRAPH coursewares~

    Nicholas Polys is Founder, CTO, and Media Amoeba at VirtuWorlds LLC, an
international consulting and production house for web graphics and data
systems.  Mr. Polys currently manages research and development, distributed
operations, and production for VirtuWorlds and its online destinations,
while evaluating new technologies, software integration, and strategic
alliances.  Over the last 3 years, Mr. Polys has written numerous technical
pieces on Web3D technology for The 3DeZine, an online publication for the
Web3D industry, including news, tutorials, and analysis.  He has extensive
Web3D production experience delivering robust multi-media solutions for
clients and has developed The VirtuPortal, a quarterly collection of the
best of the 3D Web as well as the Web3D Consortium's Software Development
Kit (SDK).  His current product-research activities are focused on
user-centric 3D interface design and XML data integration.

    Nicholas received his BA in Cognitive Science from Vassar College and is
currently serving his 2nd term on the Board of Directors of the Web3D
Consortium.  He is an active contributor to new X3D specification and
related working groups,  liaison to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C -
WAI, SMIL) and member of the Siggraph Online Committee (2001 & 2002).  Mr.
Polys has enjoyed presenting at national and international digital media
conferences and symposia Including Web3D and Stuttgart Filmwinter.

thanks and bets wishes,
    I look forward to our conversations~!


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