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>tdfsb is an open source program. it reads directory information
>and displays it as a 3D world. the user can walk and fly through
>his own filesystem.
Fabulous idea... have you seen yet?  By the way I got a 
403 on the above url.
They are working toward a 3d desktop environment.


>on the other hand tdfsb is a program that visualizes computer-
>inherent structures. the strcuture used here (the filesystem)
it would be interesting to model programming paradigms such as loops, search 
trees, or spirals for example.

>to turn the tdfsb into a portscanner. 
that could be built on top of nmap...

>it onto the representing 3d object.
>another idea is to generate 3d worlds out of operating system
>inherent structures; e.g. library functions, data types...
>i registered tdfsb and one other project at
>and other open source portals. i think this is a good way to
>publish artistic software because by its nature this kind of
>stuff is most suitable for an audience which is familiar with
>setting up software and operating systems and can understand
>how a filesystem works.
>so i requested the creation of an category 'artistic software'
>which has been finaly founded.
>at last i have to say that my interest in the tdfsb is not
>very high anymore. from time to time i do something on it
>because i like it anyhow :) but my main interests changed
>to other facets that you can examine on my homepage.
>Leander Seige
>i apologize for any english mistakes i probably made.
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