Re: [-empyre-] leander seige - tdfsb

Scott Johnson wrote:

> Fabulous idea... have you seen yet?  By the way I got a
> 403 on the above url.

sorry, i mistyped the url, here is the correct one:

> They are working toward a 3d desktop environment.

i heard of that project (and some other ones)

> >on the other hand tdfsb is a program that visualizes computer-
> >inherent structures. the strcuture used here (the filesystem)
> it would be interesting to model programming paradigms such as loops, search
> trees, or spirals for example.

yes, there are a lot of 'hidden structures' and it could be interesting
to visualize them ... but what is the purpose of doing that - beside
the structures themself ?

> >inherent structures; e.g. library functions, data types...
> >

> Everyday I sit and watch the data flow by like a river in a canyon,
> sometimes I toss in a rock or two and watch the beautiful
> concentric ripples expand, and other times I go fishing.

nice :-)


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