[-empyre-] Syntax of desire

hi everybody,

I will describe some basic technical data and how 'Syntax of desire'
looks like since it's technically very fragile and it's very easy for it
to 'break' - to malfunction especially if experienced over the internet:
i use internet related technologies but ideal carrier would be a hard
disk since the speed of data transfer from carrier to the screen is very
important - also a quick computer with good graphic card is helpful. At
the moment i see 'Syntax of desire' as work in progress and it will stay
so for several years and then i plan to put it on CDR (and became rich

Technical base of the project is Browser (5th or 6th generation), VRML
2, DHTML and Java. Personally i work on PC computer with Windows 2000,
favorite VRML Plug-in: Cosmo Player (at least for this work).

I have no idea does 'Syntax of desire' work on Mac? No Mac's around

I use my own code and graphic material as well as found one (on the net)
- in later case i usually modify the found objects or joust use them as
a reference or inspiration for my work.

In 'Syntax of desire' at the moment only first part of the project is
made - the abstract interactive, constantly self changing visual
structures - and also this part might still grow in the future.
[Lately i experiment with combining elements who reefer to physical
space and look like it (like photography) with short language elements
(statements) and already described abstract elements - as kind of
portraits of real persons. (but i might drop this idea)
+ ('Syntax of desire' is at the moment half public half private project
- i don't have link to 'Syntax of desire' from my page but at the same
time some interested communities or individuals have access to it).]

'Syntax of desire' (it's first part) it's based on the idea of
kaleidoscope. But it's not joust a 'virtual reality' duplication of it.
'Syntax of desire' is based on a 'ball' (made out of triangles) where (i
can't recall the english word for it) graphic which is put on the shape
is constantly changing it's position by help of 3 to circle related
mathematics functions. Graphic in made in a way that it can be tiled -
so all possible combinations of positions of this graphic in the 3d
space fit together in an so to say endless pattern.

Also by using different mathematical forms patterns in 'Syntax of
desire' are not joust simply circulating around - visual illusion is
that they oscillate form patterns with very big elements to the patterns
with very small elements.

User is sometimes allowed to interact with the space (to move around the
inside of the 'ball'), sometimes not. So use of different angles and
views on the 'ball' also changes the impression of kaleidoscope (which
is always symmetric, 'Syntax of desire' is rarely).

With 'Syntax of desire' (at the present state - later this description
will be true only for this, now already made part) i'm not trying to
approach or address certain topic. I see it as a formal, interactive
abstract visual work trying to affect the user on a emotional level. I
basically wish to do something beautiful which don't have some specific

Sometimes i really like to watch this slowly changing structures -
(probably they make me not thinking?) + maybe i should make them even
slower, but this is also question of technology - speed is determined by
the configuration and software and not by me (or user in ideal version).


+ URL: http://www.jaka.org/2001/sd/

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