[-empyre-] introduces guests..

empyre is please to announce that also joining us are:

Taylor Nuttall,  Director of Folly Arts, UK who is also an
artist who has been involved with promoting VRML art, including helping to
produce the Web3dart show.
Dimitar Karanikolov, Architect and freelance 3d visualiser from Bulgaria who
will discuss Archivibes: an internet community for virtual and experimental
Kathy Rae Huffman, Co-curator of the Web 3dArt show, and currently Director
of Hull Timebased Art, UK , who has been actively bringing 3dimensional
online art to more general art audiences through Web3dart.org since the late


Taylor Nuttall             http://www.folly.co.uk
Dimitar Karanikolov  http://www.archivibes.net
Kathy Rae Huffman   http://www.web3dart.org

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