[-empyre-] Re: empyre digest, Vol 1 #58 - 4 msgs

> that your body perceives
>and reacts to the small image as a "picture," but the large image to be
>a "space." I do believe that a piece shown on a monitor can be very
>engaging and compelling, but it is simply a different experience.

I think this comment of yours definitive of online/computer screen
experience. Trying to grapple with its limits is most frustrating and still
I am not any closer to resolution. IS this then something we have to
accept...that online experience is not spatial, it does not physically
envelop you.

It brings me to something that the tdfsb is trying to do...create a 3d
experience of the inside of a computer. Interesting idea. But wouldn't it
have so much more impact if it were actually projected in a room as a 3d
space which the user walks into? There is also much to be said for SCALE.

Isn't 3D far more engaging if experienced in an actual 3D space? To
represent it in a 2D format flattens that third Dimension? If so, why would
an artist even bother to put in on a computer screen?

Many works simply do not lend themselves to the online medium. If I can't
see your piece in the flesh, I will never experience it as it was meant to
be experienced. I am a have not.


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