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At 12:01 PM +1100 11/3/02, someone wrote:
> >on the other hand tdfsb is a program that visualizes computer-
 >inherent structures. the strcuture used here (the filesystem)
 it would be interesting to model programming paradigms such as loops, search
> trees, or spirals for example.

and, Leander Seige replied:
yes, there are a lot of 'hidden structures' and it could be interesting
to visualize them ... but what is the purpose of doing that - beside
the structures themself ?

have you seen zigzag? http://xanadu.com/zigzag/ here the visual structure is also the file structure is also more or less the interface. there is no file system just cells and the visualisations are (i believe but don't really understand) n dimensional connections between these cells.

what's interesting is that it really is a completely different way of thinking about content and structure on a computer (no files, no directory hierarchies) which would i imagine lend itself well to more complex visualisations.

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