Re: [-empyre-] Syntax of desire

> I have no idea does 'Syntax of desire' work on Mac? No Mac's around
> me...
jaka hi..yes this incompatability has always been a problem for 3d web
art..and i think about 80% of this list is on mac
-->to mac users - if you are having problems viewing some works -
macintoshes tend to crash with VRML becuse (i think) of the way they
allocate memory in systems before OSX. so  mac users need to increase thier
browser memory as much  as possible. my recommendation is that if you
download Cosmo player  preferably..or Cortona  which is good and stable
and easy to use, tho the works wont look as good. (in OSX with the new
Cortona Beta pluggin is very stable but text and links won't work yet, but
you will see most basic structures.)

> I see it as a formal, interactive
> abstract visual work trying to affect the user on a emotional level. I
> basically wish to do something beautiful which don't have some specific
> meaning.
> Sometimes i really like to watch this slowly changing structures -
> (probably they make me not thinking?) + maybe i should make them even
> slower, but this is also question of technology - speed is determined by
> the configuration and software and not by me (or user in ideal version).

i personally find it is a very beautiful and meditative work jaka.. the
movement in the lush darkness and shade and itterative patterning..and its
also interresting that the control you have over the viewer becomes less and
less the more you try and work in this 3d and online medium.. so that the
users hardware and processor speed determines what they see..its makes the
subjective response extremely subjective.. (like the mac issue ; )
 what i want to ask you about  is that in your intoduction earlier you were
saying that language was very important in to your work and spoke about the
different language structure of Slovene, your first language.. including the
three genders, which i find fascinating..and  hoped youd talk more about how
that fits into syntax work.. or maybe doesnt... do you think language
structure contributes to a different way of viewing space..

re the scale - i can really visualise this work on a huge scale.. being
immersed in those waves of patterning..
however i dont agree with jun ann that work must be big or its not
immersive.. and ill post more about that later..

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