Re: [-empyre-] Syntax of desire

> jaka hi..yes this incompatability has always been a problem for 3d web
> art..and i think about 80% of this list is on mac

I would like to probably say that this is untrue, as peole like Greg Little
(who is primarily a 3D guy), and myself (who work in 3D animation
conceptually) are cross-platform (although I'm currently about 85% Wintel,
10% PocketPC, and 5% Mac).  That doesn't even address the people who work on
CAVEs which are usually a flavor of Unix, which can run on almost anything.

My point being is that 3D cross-platform compatibility is a problem no
matter how you go. Open Inventor is basically VRML1, and CAVEs don't accept
VRML97 (VRML2), and Adobe Atmosphere? Only runs on PC's. Very odd.

So I'm not waving a Wintel flag, but I am pointing out that platform compat
is a big prob in 3D.

> > Sometimes i really like to watch this slowly changing structures -
> > (probably they make me not thinking?) + maybe i should make them even
> > slower, but this is also question of technology - speed is determined by
> > the configuration and software and not by me (or user in ideal version).

Yes, having one OS and one speed would make it all much easier, but pretty
nigh impossible att this juncture, right?

> re the scale - i can really visualise this work on a huge scale.. being
> immersed in those waves of patterning..
> however i dont agree with jun ann that work must be big or its not
> immersive.. and ill post more about that later..

Yes, I agree with this.  There's always Deleuze and Guattari's Haptic space
idea, and Greg Little tells me here have been studies that the perception of
immersion in video games is very similar to the level of engagement in

Large can be beautiful, but I find Jun Ann's thought here to be a little
deterministic. One can immerse in a totally-non-representational abstracted
world - novels, for example.

I argue that those who think I'm talking about apples and oranges have never
gotten deeply into the literary experience.  As you read the thing, you're
visualizing, experiencing, and when you are deep into that experience, you
are so engaged that you are literally immersed in that book (that is, if the
author has done their job).  I also think that someone could be immersed in
something as small as a PDA.

These are differing modes of immersion on the physical sense, but not so far
apart on the cog sci area.

I have an interesting perspective on this as my FOV is only 25-30 degrees
from the z axis (as line of sight) in x and y angles. Is it easier for
someone like me to get immersed in smaller spaces?  Maybe, but I think this
is just mechanics.  HMD's rarely have over a 45 degree FOV, and if you have
a large screen monitor.  But again, that's mechanics.  If one is really
engaged with a world, representational or not, there is immersion of some
sort on the cognitive level.

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