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i'm using the palace, a 2d graphical chat client, for cyberformance; i've
had a bit of a look at some of the 3d environments like active world, &
found them much harder to get the hang of. it seemed to be that the 3d-ness
of it was getting in the way of what i wanted to do with it. my avatar was
clumsy and it was easy to get lost.

with the 2d environment, focus is much clearer, and i've found it totally
engaging & immersive. it's simple & low-tech, but that's part of the beauty
of it.
h : )

>I get the same impression. I have had a much higher sense of community
>and participation in than I ever had in any 3D VRML
>shared world. As Creative Director at ParallelGraphics I used to argue
>that 3D is different is you look at it from an end user vs. developer
>point of view. It seems to me that it is 3D what people perceive it as
>such, even if it implemented using 2D technologies.
>And the community forstering features of Habbo appear far better
>developed than the one on blaxxun or similar. Speaking of which, is
>someone aware that apparently blaxxun have joined the large number of
>casualties in the "gone bust" arena? This one I would be particularly
>sorry to see going. End of an era?
>All the best,
>Ciao, Cristiano
>Cristiano Bianchi
>t +44(0)20 7346 0305
>m +44(0)7939 041169

helen varley jamieson: creative catalyst

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