Re: [-empyre-] Syntax of desire

the palace has speech (pc users need to install a plug-in) so speech is
heard, seen in speech bubbles within the graphic interface, & there is also
the option to have the log window open, showing it as text chat - giving 3
different ways into the text. the layering of speech, interruptions &
moments of sync or out of sync-ness adds an unpredicatable rhythm to
dialogue, for example after bouts lag, everyone's speech comes out in a mad

>one preference i do have for the 2d is how it can handle chat text. most
>if not all 3d muds use a separate screen space for the chat text. one
>thing i loved about Ultima was that the chat was layered over the
>isometric projection, at the location of the speaker. though words get
>mixed and jumbled, removing the text from the scene depreciates the
>immersion, and in a 3d world this is usually a necessity.  eventually
>the text will be replaced by sound, either text-to-speech or actual live
>audio.  my initial reaction is i'd rather not have live audio, better an
>audio avatar.  is anyone working on text-to-speech specifically for

helen varley jamieson: creative catalyst

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