Re: [-empyre-] syntax of wetness

well, I've always said that I don't have balls, but I do have gonads ...

maybe "getting wet" means they piss in their pants.

uh, where and why did this come up?

- tamiko

Jun-Ann Lam wrote:
> Do many USAF trainees (guys) describe pleasure as "getting wet"? because,
> you know, physiologically, guys don't "get wet", they "get hard".
> Digi guys I once knew used to describe themselves as getting hard ons when
> they saw kick-ass graphics on an Amiga.
> It seems that now they're getting wet.
> Don't us women get to own our own language anymore or has that become the
> realm of the male?
> On the other hand, exactly how masculinised do women get when they work
> online or describe themselves?
> JA
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