Re: [-empyre-] syntax of wetness

> Don't us women get to own our own language anymore or has that become the
> realm of the male?
i thought one of the aims of femminism is to alter languages from
masculinised terms and therefore thought structures, and that the
incoprpration of feminised terms into many areas of culture would be seen as
a positive thing rather than a loosing of ground.. ?

> On the other hand, exactly how masculinised do women get when they work
> online or describe themselves?

i also think it works the other way (if you read people like
Sadie Plant).the whole immersion in cyberspace is a femminised
experience -virtual space is always written as a she, a passive nature. or
to quote VNS Matrix from forever ago.. "the clitoris is the direct line to
the matrix".  that the masculine experiences and becomes feminised , as
males immerse them selves more and more in the feminised space..? and that
promise of immersion is that it can become a place of trans and simulatneous
genders.. and i dont meaning pretending to be a male or a female in a chat
room.. i mean opening yourself up to different emotional/bodily
experience..even the participating in a networked situation (what women in
essentailist terms do best), communicating via email where you construct
your gender with words, let alone emotive /bodily immersion in 3d space..

eg on the thread  of violence and killing.. i like the rapid fire finger
movement in games or typing "kill" really fast in moos as much as the
next politically correct femmo chick....
but i know that adrenaline is really mediated by technology.. the technology
lets me be violent im not going to go up to someone on the
street and punch them because its skin in contact with skin... but when i
shift  my self several levels of bodily intimacy, ie in a able to
experince that emotion, and enjoy it .

and re the swimming metaphore.. snorkling is very like multi usr vrml or
immersive online experience to me.. being otherworldly , appreciating
beauty, floating without familiar bodily reference or horizon etc.etc..this
is why i dont understand why people often try an recreate exact replicas of
offline reality in online like a lot of places in  active worlds
..i always go if theres a way to construct alternate or augmented reality
and experince something  other then im jumping to take it..

- so i think 3d immersion is a lot about opening up the categories of
masculine and feminine
rather than polarisng and isolating the differences.. and i still really
wanna to know about the three genders in sloveve language jaka if you are
reading.. do you mean feminie masculine and neuter..or is there some
extravagent hybird like in greg egans s.f novels where there are 6 genders?


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