Re: beyond manzanar (was Re: [-empyre-] response to tamiko)

Wow, thanks - that's good feedback, I wasn't sure how the bits and pieces on my 
website came over if you haven't seen the whole piece. I assume you mean 
Mandala for Manzanar - that was written by Zara, so I can't claim any credit, 
although I did put it in the sky ;) I'll let her know you liked it!

- tamiko

> yeah!  without being present at the installation and only having this
> lappy - what with the limitations and all - i was still INCREDIBLY  moved by
> 'beyond manzanar' - but what really grabbed me and brought forth the tears
> (whoa limbic system!) was the poetry - i mean, I know it's all poetry - but
> the written text - fantastic.
> fabulous piece tamiko - just fabulous!
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