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one place to explore more on this is at
clay graham does a wonderful job of explaining the basic concepts

enjoying listening to the discussion!
ttfn wrote:

here goes

every time i look at a computor screen i am some how reminded of the whole tragic history of representation,from the camera obscura to the computor monitor.

the world defined in a rectangle box, the painters skill rested on how successfully they could create an illusion of a third dimensional space.are we still trying to do the same thing instead using electrons.

when we play computor games the immmersion come from the way our ego kicks in and the way these game cross directly to the fight or flight core of our being.
i haven't looked at all the works yet ,but what i have seen has been incredibly beutiful will give a more considered response when i have worked out what it is that really intrigueing about this world of flying electrons.

i must admit a fear of immersion, what if one became stuck in toon me it has a science fiction quality like when they immerse the astronaut in liquid before going into hyper drive, perhaps we will need similar biological alteration for the toal immersive

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