[-empyre-] introduction

Greetings all!
Good to be here...great discussion!!
I am Gregory Little, I live in the US, in Oberlin Ohio.
I am an artist, sometimes theorist, and professor of digital art.  My
current teaching gig is at Bowling Green State University, in the Digital
Arts Division.
I have been working with an exclusively digital/electronic process since
1989.  My background is  in painting, drawing, installation, and aesthetics;
I am entirely self-taught in the digital arena.  I "converted" to digitality
after experiencing a virtual environment with an HMD and DataGlove in 1989.
Since that time, I have been pursuing the creation of immersive virtual
environments that deal with issues related to embodiment, distributed
consciousness, and sentience.  I work with both screen-based environments on
PCs, including webstuff; projection, passive immersion environments,
including PC-based installations, and multi-projection stereographic
simulators like CAVES and HEMISPHERIUMS; and with "fully-immersive"
interfaces like the HMD.
Extensive documentation of my work can be found at my website:
Please feel free to look it over.

Gregory Little
Visiting Professor of Digital Media Arts
Bowling Green State University

Visiting Artist/Researcher
The Innovation and Virtual Reality Centre
The University of Teesside, UK

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