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Hi all,

Some of you may know me, some may know my work.

This is a quick intro to get connected to the group.

I am an Indigenous Australian Artist who has been
working in digital processes for the past 11 years.

I am a CoFA graduate in digital photography with a
master's in digital imaging from ANU, not that that
did me much good.

Anyhow I am currently at NYU on a Samstag doing a
master's in science, digital imaging and design.   

What that basically means is I get to play with Maya ,
Softimage and Pro Tools for the next year and hang out
with a whole lot of wanky, I want to be famous in
holywood types!

But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to get
skills to take my work in the direction I have been
wanting to go in for the past three years.

I am currently creating class tutorials that don't
really allow for content, which is hard when I have
been doing work about cultural genocide and blak
politics in an Australia context.

However, once I get out of here I will be able to do
the kind of works that are challenging in the
construction as well as the content.

I am currently working on a 5 monitor video
interactive sound installation, which will be
triggered via sensors when the space is occupied by an

I collected all the footage before I left Australia
and I hope to complete the work over the next year and
a half.

It's titled:  Gins_Leap/Dubb_Speak

The content was created in collaboration with three
women I started school with, we spend two years going
to school together in Coonabarabran, NSW.

I wanted to go back to my community and share my
skills as well as bring them into a process that was
about us, this way they could learn about new
technologies in a project that was looking at our
lives as friends.

All my friends stayed in this town, got married and
had kids.

I left, came out and went to art school!

I guess I wanted to know why my life was so different,
yet so similar.

I guess it's the big question about  " I AM "

or maybe it's about " I WAS "!!!


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