[-empyre-] 3d online artists

The Web 3d art show, which is the topic of this month's -empyre- forum, has
just opened in its new venue at the ICA in London. Its been a lively
discussion so far with some interresting connections to last months
discussion with Ollivier Dyens, where the subjects of language shaping
thought, and the factors influencing immersion keep re surfacing.

Over the next few weeks artists from the show will continue to post on the
conceptual, technical and aesthetic concerns in their online 3d work.
still to come are:
Zvonimir Bakotin, Croatia: interactive 3D architecture of Merzbau
Ricardo Barreto, Brazil: investigates the pluralistic Body
Melinda Rackham: Australia: Empyrean multiuser VRML scapes
John Klima, USA : realtime 3d java representaion of War in the Great Game
Dimitar Karanikolov, Bulgaria: Archivibes internet community for virtual
Sofie Redele, Belguim: temporality and the nomadic condition,
Patrick Keller /Fabric, Switzerland : experimental VRML architectual and
avatar construction,
Anthony Rowe /Squidsoup, UK: interactive underwater 3d sound space.


Web3dart2002     http://www.web3dart.org/node.php3
ICA,  London       http://www.ica.org.uk/
Zvonimir Bakotin   http://www.merzbau.org
Ricardo Barreto    http://www.satmundi.com/body/windowbody.html
Melinda Rackham http://www.subtle.net/empyrean
John Klima            http://www.cityarts.com/greatgame
Patrick Keller        http://www.fabric.ch/knowscape/
Sofie Redele          http://users.pandora.be/trans_it
Dimitar Karanikolov  http://www.archivibes.net
Anthony Rowe       http://www.altzero.com

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