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Hello empyre participants,

I'd like to thank you all, and also on behalf of Karel Dudesek, for your response to Web 3D Art, and apologize for not being able to contribute more actively to the discussion. What I feel is most important, however, is to let you know that I am reading the discussion and am quite grateful for your comments, your reactions to works in the show, and to see the discussion between content and construction become clearer. I'm also really glad to know that content is becoming more and more of a concern, and with that position to know that we are seeing how 3D actually becomes integral to many theoretically and socially engaged concepts. These issues addressed without dismissing new possibilities to accomplish 3D feats of construction is a significant achievement.

Just to remind you, Karel Dudesek and I had a very short time to prepare this programme, and both of us being quite committed to our demanding jobs, we were unsure --at first -- if we could accomplish a programme that we would be meaningful to the artists and developers working in 3D. We found that having taking a gap year (the 2001 web3D conference organisers refused the art show) meant that many of our participants and former contacts had changed, many projects had moved to new servers, new groups and projects developed which needed to have communication established, and yet we had to maintain strict deadlines in order to accomplish the <<YES>> amazing invitation to have the show represented WELL in the conference proceedings. We thank Michael Wagner, 2002 conference chair, for getting that through the SIGGRAPH approval system.

The success of this programme, may also be due to the fact that it has a significant variety of types of projects, representation from an interesting international user base, and it has begun to build up a significant data base of developers, artists, designers and architects using 3D. The contribution of this list discussion is quite essential to understand the variety of concerns of developers (and I include artists in this term), users, and a great new group of potential presentors/funders/sponsors.

That's all for now,
Looking forward to continuing the information exchange!

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