RE: [-empyre-] non-naturalistic avatars

My name is Petko Dourmana, and I'd like to get involved in your discussion.
I have worked with VRML from five years - my first project encouraged me about the possibilities of using
3D interactive animation in art projects. Unfortunately, the problems
surrounding using VRML for more advanced interactive projects, especially
disadvantages of combining VRML with other programming languages, excluding
JAVA, took me to the decision, to wait and search for better possibilities.
In my last project - /selected for web 3D art show/ I am
using again VRML in combination with IRC chat server and PHP and again I've
found the same problems: impossible compatibility for different operating
systems, browsers etc. etc.
However, I am getting more convinced that I have to adapt my projects for
one concrete OS, browser and plug-in and to search alternative ways for
distribution of 3D scenes - broadcasting a video from rendered 3D scenes,
converting 3D in 2D animation etc.
In this case very potential is Interactive TV. Very successful project /on
my point of view/ is . It has a concept close to the
computer game, but using the possibilities of Interactive TV

Petko Dourmana

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