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the integration of standards, the competition and the commercial aspects of
online 3d was something i wanted to ask Nick Polys about  from his opening
statement, and how the people who work in software development see it
panning out.. or is it just anyone's guess? it almost feels like waiting for
an earthquake.. wondering which bit of ground will open up next to swallow
up years of artwork.

presumably even if blaxxun does disappear, the plug-in is likely to remain either as is or be bought up and developed further by someone else (well, here's hoping...)

we generally use shockwave at the moment (it's got a very flexible 3D engine) and are similarly in the hands of macromedia shareholders and directors which is an uncomfortable reality.

however, the other side of that coin is that at least there is some standardisation across platforms; in the case of shockwave3D you can run the same app through Mac and Windoze, OpenGL/DirectX or just software and on Netscape and IE and the piece looks pretty similar on them all, mainly because there is only one player -- no Unix though...

the issue of preserving digital work is an interesting one; there are organizations around the world involved in backing up not only interesting content and plug-ins, but the whole OS and hardware too - one thing you can guarantee is that in 10 years computers and operating systems will have completely changed - and even if blaxxun were to be around then it would be asking a lot for their plug-in to be backward compatible for 10 years. How much stuff that was written 10 years ago runs on the computer you are using to read this?

[in fact i think i'll keep that old Mac I was about to throw out; it's got Quicktime 2 on it....]

however, if a piece of work's good enough to preserve, it can always be ported onto another platform.

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