Re: [-empyre-] commerce compatability and web 3d

It is difficult to say how the licensing will play out in MPEG...  from
Apple and Sun's actions, it seems that they do want a royalty-free or
un-encumbered spec.  However royalty-free was not a requirement in the
design process of MPEG and the spec is riddled with patents and IP.  MPEG4
does have 3D which is compatible with (actually based on) full VRML97.  Its
deployment has been slow mostly because France Telecom is playing tight with
their IP for implementations- ie BIFS.

    In addition, the recent acceptance of the Interactive Profile for MPEG4
means that there is another platform tier on which 3D can be delivered via
mpeg.  It seems that this one starts unencumbered.

    The Web3D mpeg group has implemented some advanced nodes (using the
blaxxun contact 4.3 open source) such as subdivision surfaces, etc that will
make their way into X3D components.

    It seems to me that in the not-so-distant future, it will be feasible to
accomplish the same functionality as mpeg targets with: a binary/streaming
encoding for X3D and integration with SMIL and SVG.

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> Hi, anyoneone up to spec with MPEG4 3d? Tho I've mainly checked out the
interactive audio side to me it seems like an ideal solution with VR, media
streaming and interactivity, e-commerce and variety of kitchen sinks... a
while back it there was talk on merging X3D and mpeg...  its not really a
viable platform until Quicktime 6 and the like are released, tho looking at
the amount of mpeg3 playing systems, one could imagine your broadband
content accessable via 3rd generation handhelds, home entertainment systems
(playstation, x-box?), destops, etc.
> I just hope the licencing issues are resolved so that we don't have to pay
a streaming tax...
> Any thoughts on this?
> cheers,
> Damien
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