Re: [-empyre-] experience Vs commerce

auriea wrote:

> unaccessable... one cannot hold onto any of it too tightly but use
> each project as a stepping stone to something else....
> the concepts are what you get to hold onto but not the code, perhaps....

yes i agree that the only way to deal with it is to see as
ephermeral performative transitory work, as maybe a lot of artists do..
but maybe thinking about it this way means that we are tolerating working
within really limited parameters, where too much time is taken up just  to
get the constantly changing tech under control..  In the rest of the non world, for sustained development someone has to think they are going
to make some income from it somewhere.. eg places like Adobe promote 3d as a
stable platform for e-commerce...
"Because 3D renders objects more lifelike to site visitors, it promotes
higher comfort levels for making purchases online. Citing how 3D imaging can
closely simulate actual objects and landscapes, the presenter will explain
how 3D can be used to create attractive environments that draw site
visitors." (from Michael Kaplan's web3d symposium abstract)

also  i guess in termsof income for artists the mediums instability doesn't
sit well with instutions that want to invest in discreet objects with
guarenteed showing lifetimes rather than the value of the experience.
perhaps the restoration and migration businesss in network and web art is
the only one set for rapid expansion.. :)


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