Re: [-empyre-] experience Vs commerce

Hi Melinda,

I think public, open  standards like VRML
are the best way for Net-Artists to publish work, 
and to be a bit safe that a piece work can be experienced in 10 years from now.

1) for VRML there are lot of tools

You can still see 3D VRML art content from the past decade
with today tools.

*** The problem I see it, is more that the sites, content pieces are vanishing from the net  ! ****

E.g. I tried to contact Protozoa, Construct to keep some of their  interesting pieces
alive and host it somewhere, but no answers.

There are many tools  
open source Tools: OpenVrml, FreeWrl. Sun VRML loader, XJ3D

other librarys with a try to import VRML: OpenScene graph etc.

Contact, Cortona, Cosmo / Piveron are available

you can view VRML content on many platforms, from an Java/Pocket PC Handheld
up to an 5side cave projection 
up to  SGI xxx.

2) VRML is democratic & free,
have you seen how people express themselves on
and build thousands of individual objects and avatars.
Shure one might say: it has its own sometimes strange sense of taste, visual metaphers
but all built by kids, people from scratch, with a text editor or free tools like avatar studio and spazz3d.

3) VRML will stay
4) and it evolves into MPEG-4 / X3D
MPEG-4 offers for online artist even more interesting features like
    - streaming 2D/3D
    - better integration with audio /video
    - compression
    - managment of content rights (if wished)
    - more sophisticated audio model, face body animation
    -  future compabibility with more devices like MPEG-4 DVD Players,  Interactive TV,

Shure there are technical difficulties, incompabilities
but thats has always been the challenge, to master the material.

Personally  I think a 3D Artist forum/portal
is missing to exchange information, contacts  support, and works.

I hoped on Karl Dussek work here, but thats the VGTV site is  not enough.

The idea is a virtual team / art company of experts and artists to tackle 
bigger, complex projects.
not the view of the traditional artist sitting as a genius
in a closed room.

Then are there gallerys already for interactive art ?



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> auriea wrote:
> > unaccessable... one cannot hold onto any of it too tightly but use
> > each project as a stepping stone to something else....
> > the concepts are what you get to hold onto but not the code, perhaps....
> yes i agree that the only way to deal with it is to see as
> ephermeral performative transitory work, as maybe a lot of artists do..
> but maybe thinking about it this way means that we are tolerating working
> within really limited parameters, where too much time is taken up just  to
> get the constantly changing tech under control..  In the rest of the non
> world, for sustained development someone has to think they are going
> to make some income from it somewhere.. eg places like Adobe promote 3d as a
> stable platform for e-commerce...
> "Because 3D renders objects more lifelike to site visitors, it promotes
> higher comfort levels for making purchases online. Citing how 3D imaging can
> closely simulate actual objects and landscapes, the presenter will explain
> how 3D can be used to create attractive environments that draw site
> visitors." (from Michael Kaplan's web3d symposium abstract)
> also  i guess in termsof income for artists the mediums instability doesn't
> sit well with instutions that want to invest in discreet objects with
> guarenteed showing lifetimes rather than the value of the experience.
> perhaps the restoration and migration businesss in network and web art is
> the only one set for rapid expansion.. :)
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