Re: [-empyre-] experience Vs commerce

de-lurking here b/c i see this as a very difficult issue. i'm all for open-standards as well, and find that i have to continually defend proprietary creation tools and languages like actionscript and flash.

open standards like VRML and HTML provide a certain amount of safety from commerce--but only a certain amount. Look at HTML-based web design. A designer who is concerned with the details of the physical presentation of his or her work is practically constrained by at least 4 proprietary structures of browsers: IE for Mac, Netscape for Mac, IE for Windows, Netscape for Windows. All these structures have multiple versions, and new digital technology is adding more to the mix--new OSes for PDAs, for example. A not-so-recent project of mine was abandoned b/c I would have had to develop and test it in 6 different environments, not all of which i had ready access to. With Flash, my poems display across browsers on different platforms and OSes with consistency (I also depend upon preloaders to ensure that the time-in-poem is relatively controlled no matter the technology used to view it.) Yes, I am slave to a proprietary system: Macromedia. But before, I was slave to at least two: Microsoft and Apple.

It's really hard to escape commerce, even with ideal standards in ideal conditions.

Brandon Barr University of Rochester

--- Holger Grahn wrote:
Hi Melinda,

I think public, open standards like VRML
are the best way for Net-Artists to publish work,
and to be a bit safe that a piece work can be experienced in 10 years from now.

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