Re: [-empyre-] experience Vs commerce

damien wrote:
>Or  the concept is en-"coded" in the medium of delivery... that the
structure and behavior of the code is >abstracted in a dynamic virtual
information architecture , a metamap of the work. They are inseparatably

so the formula extends to become {concept +authoring code+deliverymedia=art}
in a sort of triangulation

i think its about having a choice... i have areas of expertise and knowlege,
but i dont want to have to learn how to port a pluggin, i'd much prefer to
work with someone else who is good at that particular thing - for me it
feels more integral to the work itself be writing and researching theory
around the concepts and connections of the work rather than messing with the
low level techy stuff. .. like if i worked in a flat media i wouldnt want to
learn how to make paint and brushes, tho i'd be happy to stretch and prime
canvases before i started a painting, as well as talk about it's relation to
other areas of culture.

so for me the formula extends to become {concept +authoring
code+deliverymedia+theory =art} in a sort of 4 dimensional thing (visualised
in vrml of course )

i think thisis about choice as my empyrean work (btw written mostly
with a text editor - i can never work those complex 3d programs) is truely
visually beautiful in cosmo pluggin, but in other pluggins as colours and
text textures and rendering are different etc etc and in some instances its
less functional - it becomes  an approximation of its ideal self.. its
actually a different version of the  in differnt browsers/pluggins
(its like having the same sculptural shape in plastic, one in wood and one
in metal.. yes the structre may be the same but they are completely
different works because of their material - which i guess is the pre digital
term for delivery medium)
however if i want to  have a consistant outcome, ie look the same every
where,  then the underlying structure of the work needs to be different,
making  it a completely new artwork as well.. as .. if the code is
intrinsically intertwined in the work its actually just as different as the
above senario.  then its just about which consistancy you prefer and value -
the consistant visual experience, or the consistant concpetual source,
altered over time.  i 'm not sure if i want to be constantly refering back
to myself and earlier artwork for the rest of my life - i do like the idea
of moving on and leaving migration to the experts.

- re anthony throwing out the old mac.. i used to maintain a library of
browsers etc so i could check that my sites were multi compatable eg  i
still have the floppy installer for netscape 1 somewhere. the interresting
thing is that early works from 95 - 97still work perfectly because the html
code was so straight forward, while im constantly up dating more recent
things with quick time, shockwave,  java, dhtml, as even on the most basic
level things like the way they are embedded into web pages has changed in
recent browsers.
maybe ascii artists had it right, and maybe thats why we are all singing the
praises of chunky 2d graphics earlier- becuse it actually doesnt need to be
complex to be good.

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