Re: [-empyre-] commerce compatability and web 3d

Hello all,

Been following the conversation so far with interest. As an artist who's
worked with bits and pieces of 3D and interested in working with vrml but
not yet tried it I was interested in Auriea's practical info and software
suggestions. I had planned to get myself cosmoworld last year until I
realised it had disappeared off the market! Same issue as is currently being

Anyway, I am interested to get some more practical info about what
methods/software people use to create their projects and for recommendations
on software that's accessible to the not particularly techy level user
(ideally cross platform).


> From: Auriea Harvey <>
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> Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 11:15:06 +0100
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> Subject: Re: [-empyre-] commerce compatability and web 3d

> Other applications similar to Blender we've found include
> Mindavenue's Axel which looks very
> flexible, is cross platform and can integrate elements of Quicktime
> and Flash into 3d scenes but it is Web only technology and seems a
> bit lo-tekk (don't know how the frame rates would be if one had a
> complex scene) but still a very interesting software. Another thing
> we came across is Quest 3d a bit more game and
> visualizer oriented (which is a good thing) & with a very interesting
> programming paradigm... however it is very+very microsoft direct3d
> oriented and their plug-in is IE PC only etc. but its a beautiful
> engine.


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