Re: [-empyre-] experience Vs commerce

> "The variable media paradigm also asks artists to choose the most
> appropriate strategy for dealing with the inevitable slippage that
> results from translating to new mediums: storage, emulation,
> migration, or reinterpretation."
> maintaining a codebase definitely falls within the realm of migration.
> if i were in the lucky position of being collected by the gugg, its safe
> to assume that in the future they would call me first when it became
> necessary to migrate. if i'm alive, migrate, if i'm dead, emulate.


In addition, what is the problem with objects disintegrating or being lost?
In the long term, everything we know will be annhilated.  Even centuries-old
oils darken and degrade.  The really quite funny analogy here is the
collector that wants their digital print to last as long as an oil or
tempera, which is far longer than many watercolors.  In addition, the Starns
twins, who have done quite well for themselves are already seeing their work
disintegrate before their eyes.  Pollock's works are falling apart right and
left at the moment.  So what if a work disintegrates in a few years.
I know that two or three of my best known pieces have a limited timespan,
and the best to them.

All art is ephemeral.  Everything heads towards entropy.  It's just the
question of how important is it to us to delay the inevitable.

I find the preservation argument rather ironic.

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