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and then of course there is live performance - whether it happens on- or
off-line, the very "liveness" of it is a large part of what makes it so
magic. a video of a live performance will only ever be a document of the
event. the artwork is the experience, the relationship between performer(s)
& audience, & the preservation of that is in hearts & minds, not files &
h : )

>In addition, what is the problem with objects disintegrating or being lost?
>In the long term, everything we know will be annhilated.  Even centuries-old
>oils darken and degrade.  The really quite funny analogy here is the
>collector that wants their digital print to last as long as an oil or
>tempera, which is far longer than many watercolors.  In addition, the Starns
>twins, who have done quite well for themselves are already seeing their work
>disintegrate before their eyes.  Pollock's works are falling apart right and
>left at the moment.  So what if a work disintegrates in a few years.
>I know that two or three of my best known pieces have a limited timespan,
>and the best to them.
>All art is ephemeral.  Everything heads towards entropy.  It's just the
>question of how important is it to us to delay the inevitable.
>I find the preservation argument rather ironic.
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