[-empyre-] Digi dos

Its really hard not to get seduced by technology and its the start of the slippery slope to tech focused ideas and work. Which can sometimes mean that the medium drives the outcome which doesn't always help the concept. The presentation of ideas needs a balance - it does need to work and that requires knowledge of the medium. The conductor doesn't need to beable to play all the instruments but he/she /it needs to appreciate their functioning and compatibility.
For me the interesting thing is the engagement of the viewer or participant, whether that is done with a simple image or a VR helmet with all the bells and whistles. the most evolutionary thing about the possibilities of 3 D and VR are the interactivity opportunities - the shift for an audience or viewer to a different level of engagement, away from a less passive, culturally mediated view. This can serve to integrate an internal `personal' experience with an external view and that to my mind is where the jump is.
As far as the preservation/ commerce ideas discussions go, isn't that still staying with art as market/ investment/monument. How do you record experience ? One of the most pleasurable things about digi work is that it evolves - it follows organic principles.
Angela Main

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