Re: [-empyre-] commerce compatability and web 3d

> Anyway, I am interested to get some more practical info about what
> methods/software people use to create their projects and for
> on software that's accessible to the not particularly techy level user
> (ideally cross platform).

bev hi
empyrean was written and animated mostly on a mac, using Vrmlpad, from
Parallelgraphics, a very
simple xplatform code editor; and Meshworks, a pretty simple shareware mac
3d model creation tool. four complex models were made on silicon graphics
Houdini and Maya... totally not recommended as they output convuluted,
bloated VRML code which i had to pull apart and re-write any way.. i would
use something simpler
next time.
while i think you can make great vrml on a mac, and OSX seemsrelatively
stable with cortona pluggin now , i had to move to a Win2000 to keep
developing the work cause i got sick of crashing constantly..
- also part of what i like about vrml is that sense of community which still
exits, where as its gone in a lot of other parts of the net, and i got lots
of of helpful info from the great people at mac-vrml list, www-vrml list and
v-net list.(links from

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