[-empyre-] intro fwd from Dimitar Karanikolov

I've just graduated (1 week ago ) at University of Architecture, Civil
Engineering and Geodesy - Sofia
M.Arch / Major: Public Buildings

Since 1997 I've been working as a freelancer in the field of
architectural presentation, 3D visualizations and virtual architecture.

I am interested in marginal spaces between architecture and the
graphic/web design ,multimedia installations, video art...etc. 
...in interpretation of Architecture as one of the main visual arts and
its intersection with the new Web and VRML technologies...

My personal architectural/visual projects, and presentations for other
companies could be found in my online portfolio at:

I also run a site dedicated to the experimental and virtual
"architecture" -
an online database containing various projects from other artists
exploring this theme...>>
I hope this site could become a cross point for artist from different
and could support realization of NEW Co-projects.

Please feel free to register and submit your projects at ArchiVibes.
Any suggestions, ideas and comments are welcome!

Dimitar Karanikolov

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