[-empyre-] [Re:] [info about what methods/software...]

> Anyway, I am interested to get some more practical info about what
> methods/software people use to create their projects and for
> on software that's accessible to the not particularly techy level user
> (ideally cross platform).

it might be useful to compress VRML files for quicker transfer over the
net, all
plugins (or is this depending on something else?) i used were able to
deal with compressed files

i use Gzip
http://www.gzip.org/ (i guess this format is required by VRML
interpretators but i'm not sure)

don't forget to delete .gz if it appears at the end of .wrl file
and don't forget to ad .gz at the end of the file name if you wish to
decompress it

it's very stupid advice :)
but i spend quite some time before i figure it out...

shame on me :)

+ it's also good to delete all (unnecessary) blank spaces in the code -
for use on the web - don't forget to
archive source file with readable code :)


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