Re: [-empyre-] transparency+digidos

> > Is there a value in slowness? And boring tasks? Edgar Degas was
> > convinced of so. But, then, he's also dead ;-)
> i also appreciate repetitive tasks, and get value from them -- the
> boredom allows the mind to wander. is a computer ever bored? is there
> value for the computer itself, in what it's processing? does it enjoy
> being a computer? certainly not.

But with humans the act of iteration is also deeply rooted in meditative
practice.  Does an internal combustion engine meditate when it idles?
Probably not.  What can one say then about this distinction between idling
and saying rosary/ turning prayer wheels/ chanting Om Mani?

I may be repeating the formaer, but I think the traditions of spiritual
practice and repetition are of some interest here.

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