RE: [-empyre-] transparency+digidos

Patrick Lichty:

> But with humans the act of iteration is also deeply rooted in 
> meditative practice.  Does an internal combustion engine 
> meditate when it idles? Probably not.  What can one say then 
> about this distinction between idling and saying rosary/ 
> turning prayer wheels/ chanting Om Mani?

The difference, I guess, is in the creative process, which is what make
diverse sense of painting two thousand similar daisies and repeating two
thousands Welcome Mary... When doing repetive tasks WHILE CREATING your
mind is not really idleing, it's, as John points out, wandering around,
focussing at the main task and yet roaming around to find different

Another big difference is that rosaries are said with the innate whim of
saving one's soul, whether that makes any sense or not is out of scope
here. While the creative process is one of loosing yourself. Or some
bullshit like that.

I still think that the main point of difference of an artist is to
unavoidable fight against the irresistible human impulse of passing by
on this earth without leaving any traces.


PS Interesting discussion. Thanks.

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