RE: [-empyre-] transparency+digidos

Just a quick one:

> > Hmmm, have you heard much atonal music? ;) Sure, 
> Shakespeare is likely 
> > more interesting to the average audience, although you are being 
> > unfair... humans have had millenia to evolve their aesthetic 
> > sensibilities, computers have only had decades.

That's a good example. Atonal music has had nearly one century to grow
in our collective sensibility. But yet when I play Schoenberg to some
friends they beg me to change the CD for some easier stuff (Salsa
anyone?). So how long will it take for it to become as mainstream as
Mozart. Or is it just that it'll never get ther simply because, beside
the mathematical complexity and sharpness, it's crap to the ear?

And besides, all the today called 'traditional' artists were
groundbreakers at their time. Let's not forget that, that Beethoven
piano sonata op.111 was regarded as child of his deafness, for how
unlinsteneable it was.


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