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For me what makes something art, is the dedicated desire to communicate some
insight, emotion or sense to another, above all else.

What computers and technology enable more easily, are opportunities to
manifest something a little closer to the imaginary, the internal world of
dream, vision - a kind of `visual consciousness', that is inherently human.

My work is very much focused on delivery because I have an enormous respect
for the fine balance that needs to be acheived to actually communicate the
desired thing. How many times have we seen a great idea delivered in a way
that `doesn't quite work'.

The ability of human cognition and the nervous system to interpret and
respond in such different ways, provides that opportunity to play with
perceptions of reality. To question the very nature of learning and
consensus reality.

To capture the sense of absorption when engaged online or the `atmosphere'
in an ancient church is an enormous challenge in a synthetic environment.
For me the humans, whether performers or audience are an essential `part of
the show', otherwise no matter how non linear you try and make it it will
always have a fixed relationship to the past - to the creator at a
particular time, and it is the completely unpredictable synthesis of any
given moment which truely enjoys the gifts that 3 and 4D have to offer.


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> Patrick Lichty wrote:
> > I may be repeating the former, but I think the traditions of spiritual
> > practice and repetition are of some interest here.
> yeah its that, or its the question are we not just complex machines. i'm
> not terribly fond of either.
> j
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