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hi sofie +,

boredom was in many ways, the original impetus for me becoming an
artist.  when i was a kid, i sucked at sports, i found television
boring, i couldn't sit still long enough to read a book, i didn't have
friends (cause i sucked at sports), so i spent an entire summer grinding
a 6" telescope miror. this process consists of mounting a half inch
thick circle of glass (known as the "tool") to a 55 gallon drum,
spreading carborundum and water on the glass to make a grinding slurry,
and pushing back and forth over the tool, a one inch thick, 6 inch
diameter pyrex blank, all the while slowly walking around the drum. for
days and days and days, back and forth pushing the mirror, making a
pleasing grinding sound, and all the while walking in a circle around
the drum.  needless to say everyone who cared to notice thought i was
completely nuts. but in that time how my mind did wander! and the
process of grinding that mirror liberated me from everything a young boy
was "supposed" to do, and showed to me what i was to become.


> From: John Klima<KLIMA@ECHONYC.COM>
> Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 14:56:44 -0500 > </STRONG>
> >you cant have art without boredom
> hi,
> have been following your interesting conversations !
> i definitively agree with the idea of creation through repetition, but i
> think it is more in a process of repetition + appropriation + exhaustion
> that you go 'beyond' and create/do something unexpected. boredom makes me
> quit before i get there.
> sofie
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