RE: [-empyre-] transparency+digidos

>Well, this seems more than a semantic issue. It looks more like a fairly distorted vision of what 'teaching' means. 

Ok, lets agree to disagree ;) Our (word)world views are different.... your distortion is my bliss.

>Teaching is to me to help people to THINK, JUDGE, and have OPINIONS with their own mind and will. Teaching is definitely not telling your student WHAT TO THINK nor HOW TO THINK.

I can help a computer to think and judge, opinions I'll leave for the viewer. Students learn initially by example and imitation, after this they can more easily go away and form an individual understanding of the subject... I want the computer to have its own "free will" and make its own choices, and it does as I see it, as long as it suits my creative intent.

Cristiano I can understand your point of view and do think it is also valid.

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