Re: [-empyre-] transparency+digidos

Damien Everett wrote:

> I don't think its impossible to predict what direction the human 
> artist might go in once you know what influences them, just as in
> the program.

i think my mentor in college would be very surprised with my work now.

> I don't always want to know exactly what is going to happen next,
> or reproduce events to double precision floating point accuracy,
> I'm more concerned with generating unique realtime art.

the point is, you can trace every execution of your program, no matter
how (pseudo) random it is, you can't do that with human or animal
behavior. not even close.
> Are these motives much different from humans? I don't think that art 
> is a purely "human" phenomena, ever see the paintings of that elephant,
> the nest of a bower bird or listen to a Vulcan lovesong? 

we share those motives, and have a few others of our own. i think i was
clear in the previous mail when i suggested that we just have a whole
lot more of it. as far as vulcan love songs...

> I'd suggest not making assumptions, maybe you should learn whalesong
> and ask the whale itself ;)

well, i feel pretty safe in that assumption and i don't think whalesong
is where my talents lay.

> ps. My laptop sends you its love... I think it has a crush on you!  8p

hmm, how does it look in a french maid's outfit?


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