Re: [-empyre-] transparency+digidos

Melinda Rackham wrote:
> > > I don't always want to know exactly what is going to happen next,
> > > or reproduce events to double precision floating point accuracy,
> > > I'm more concerned with generating unique realtime art.
> >
> > the point is, you can trace every execution of your program, no matter
> > how (pseudo) random it is, you can't do that with human or animal
> > behavior. not even close.
> dont you think so? i'm always fascinated by freedom of choice and free will,
> i realy don't think it exits ..yet im not a determinist.. i guess im a
> foucauldian at heart,  and think we cant ever escape the lines and
> structures and limits and boundaries that exist geographically emotionally
> and morally and physically around us.. even if we see outside of them and
> make choices outside of them its because ther e was already the possibility
> to do that.

i see what yer saying but i'm really thinking in terms of the mechanics
of thing. we built the mechanics of the computer, though no single
person understands every aspect. however, one can assemble a room of
maybe 20 smart people who as a whole do, and will all agree about how it
works. try doing that in the field of neuro-science. computers aren't a
mystery, people are.  though we know more and more about psychology and
brain function every day, we still don't know, as a brain function, why
and how art is made, or why and how a serial killer kills. we do know
exactly how and why a printer prints, how a genetic algoritm works, how
a behavioral algorithm emerges.

>  eg in 3d space we operate in a cartesian system so that yes it is always
> finite as its based on fixed eudlucian geometry.. but that cartesian system
> exists withn the hyperbolic system of curved space time.. where staight
> lines become curves and that everything is always connected to
> everything else, and there is supposedly infinity, which i think just means
> that there are more possibilities and we are happy to operate in it
> opens the way for un thought of things to occur.. eg data transfer errors,
> saving errors, etc  generates new meaning from code.. you can see digital
> mutation and evolution in a very slow way.

> > > ps. My laptop sends you its love... I think it has a crush on you!  8p
> > hmm, how does it look in a french maid's outfit?
> computers are still feminine hey,  i love my computer.. so i guess makes all
> us women lesbians -"turned on with the machines" as sadie plant would say..
> btw it was good too see what she(sadie plant) is up to these days with her
> mutating human/thumb generation research , her takes on tactility based on
> female desire in virtual space open up a whole other area to look at
> embodiment and immersion in 3d spaces..

hey! i used the non-gender "it!" and to the individual beholder, a man
could look as good in a french maid's outfit as a woman, or a laptop. i
seem to recall a "jetson's" episode where rosie, the stalwart and loyal
old battleship houserobot was upgraded to a MUCH sexier model (in the
outfit) causing all kinds of grief for george, not to mention poor
little elroy. the robot was hot, but daughter judy was hotter.


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