Re: [-empyre-] transparency+digidos

>> I don't think its impossible to predict what direction the human 
> artist might go in once you know what influences them, just as in
> the program.

>i think my mentor in college would be very surprised with my work now.

>Some of mine are mystified with my work. *When I was in college, my art
instructors always considered me as 'some engineer who wants to be an
artist'. *I find it odd that a colleague of one of my old mentors just gets
disgusted when I get into a good show, as he became an administrator.

>So, we all take odd detours.
Which means that next week I'll probably be a disc jockey.

I guess it depends on how well they know you? but in keeping with quantum physics and chaos theory, one can generally predict tendencies, but just like the weather the further from the current moment (initial conditions) we travel the less certain things tend to become. 

>I think that 'art' per se might be species-dependent. *We might not
appreciate polar bear art.
Patrick I like what you said on species, art and evolution, although perhaps there is something universal in art, a resonant archetypal core which trancends differences in culture / species once we can overcome limits in  our inherited conditioning? 

>> ps. My laptop sends you its love... I think it has a crush on you! *8p
>hmm, how does it look in a french maid's outfit?
Really hot, though I seriously recommend the Aphrodite avatar!
*bows in worshipful reverence"

>computers are still feminine hey, *i love my computer.. so i guess makes all
us women lesbians -"turned on with the machines" as sadie plant would say..
>btw it was good too see what she(sadie plant) is up to these days with her
mutating human/thumb generation research , her takes on tactility based on
female desire in virtual space open up a whole other area to look at
embodiment and immersion in 3d spaces..

Wow interesting, I never though of that but it explains alot, why my computer is always turned on... except when after a lot of work there is a data overflow crash and I have to restart, and why I get hot around the collar networking multiple computers... *ahem* um sorry, but seriously I'm intreged by these ideas, anyone (Melinda?) want elaborate on this?


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