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Well, this seems more than a semantic issue. It looks more like a fairly
distorted vision of what 'teaching' means. You can instruct someone to
paint like Degas, but your students will then only be that and cannot
therefore be called an artist.
Teaching is to me to help people to THINK, JUDGE, and have OPINIONS with
their own mind and will. Teaching is definitely not telling your student

isn't this going sideways here? :-) i think damien's point was more that 'inspiration' is not a human only trait as bird, whale, and dolphin songs seem to suggest. but while there might be semantic issues in your argument above teaching thinking, judgement and opinion is a general statement about what teaching might be, but certainly has nothing to do with being an artist (i expect the same from my motor mechanic).

i also think that these days it seems hard to insist on 'inspiration' and 'judgement' as critiera for 'art' given the demonstrably contextual nature of 'art'. if i paint like degas and then place that work in a local art show with the other twee landscapes and sign it jeff koons is this art? which bit? and where is the 'inspiration'?

and teaching, well that's a mixed bag really isn't it. if you have a crit. practice where the teacher (as teacher) crit's work then it's hard to see how it isn't some form of 'what to think' but i guess if you had a process based teaching methodology which might teach students how to articulate things about their work in terms of their own processes, and the crit. was conducted by peers, then i guess you would be teaching thinking, judgement, and opinion. but i don't think it's enough to say that teaching is thought, judgement, opinin when it's easy (and common) to teach these things by processes that do little more than model what to think and how one ought to think.

i'm not sugesting anyone in this discussion does this, just that the terms need care.

enjoy your easter
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