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> As far as I know all the behaviour predictions work on a group of
> people, never on the individual. You can statistically predict what the
> stock market (manouvred by a group of people) will do in a given
> situation, or even flocking.
> But predicting individuals behaviours as singles...

 maybe thast because we are really part of a larger organism.. ie ther
planet, the solar, the cosmos.. and whatever lies outside that, so we run
round in our ant or beehive like cultural ecomomic gepgraphic ethnic tribes
thinking we are individuals, rather than one sub routine of  a huge
biosystem .. whenthe actions are taken as a whole maybe they make sense.. or
maybe we cant probably predict the movements of the whole system cause we
are only a tiny spec in it..and never have knowledge situated from our
limited position

> Wow interesting, I never though of that but it explains alot, why my
computer is always turned on... except >when after a lot of work there is a
data overflow crash and I have to restart, and why I get hot around the
collar >networking multiple computers... *ahem* um sorry, but seriously I'm
intreged by these ideas, anyone
>(Melinda?) want elaborate on this?

sadie plant wrote a whole lot of stuff inthe mid 19990's about the
relationship between women and machines.. how the femminsist movemnt started
withthe industrial revolution, how the idea of not having a fixed identity
was an advantage when navigationg cyberspace, about irigarys "sex which is
not one", and about alwyas being in touch with yourself , which realtes to
the the touch of virtual space. ..ohh its too big to go into right now.. you
could look at her book "zeros and ones" or check these earlier two papers:

Plant, Sadie.            1996. "On the Matrix: Cyberfeminist Simulations" in
Shields, R Ed, Cultures of Internet: Virtual Spaces, Real Histories, Living
Bodies, Sage, London, pp170-183.
    1994. 'The Virtual, The Tactile and a Female Touch', paper delivered at
Cybersphere - International Conference on Cyberspace, Sweden, (*** CHECK
supposed to be published in Convergence, Journal of New Media Technologies.

maybe Julieanne Pierce will talk more about it when she is a guest later in
the year speaking about cyberfemminisms.

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