Re: [-empyre-] inspiration+digi dodos

> As far as I know all the behaviour predictions work on a group of
> people, never on the individual. You can statistically predict what the
> stock market (manouvred by a group of people) will do in a given
> situation, or even flocking.
> But predicting individuals behaviours as singles...

Hmm, first "know thyself", if you can statistically predict what you will do under a certain set of conditions, perhaps this can extend to others... like a kind of merging of consciousness with another... I don't know if you've ever experienced this, it goes beyond a conventional scientific / rational framework.

Adrian Miles:
>isn't this going sideways here? :-) 
Heh, good point, its easy to lose perspective when caught up in details :)

>i think damien's point was more  that 'inspiration' is not a human only trait as bird, whale, and  dolphin songs seem to suggest. 

What I was trying to say in a round about way:  inspiration is the moment of unity with the creative force of the universe, focused through the modality of the "individuals" consciousness. This would manifest differently in different organisms (see Maslows Hierarchy of Needs or the evolutionary ascension through the Chakras).

>i guess im a foucauldian at heart, *and think we cant ever escape the lines and structures and limits and boundaries that exist geographically emotionally and morally and physically around us.. even if we see outside of them and make choices outside of them its because ther e was already the possibility
to do that.
Which is one of the reasons I want computers to suggest new possibilities outside these limits, so as to expand my awareness of the possible.. perhaps these limitations are illusary..  I am more of a neo-enlightenmentalist or something in that I believe it is possible to trancend these "psychological structures and boundaries", and "free will" generally exists within constraints of the manifest environment,

Anyways I look forwards to the cyberfeminist discussion... 

warm regards,

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