Re: [-empyre-] transparency+digidos

> a lot different. when one teaches another to paint like degas, one
> expects that the other will start there and end up someplace else. one
> expects the other to learn from degas, not simply to mimic degas, and
> usually this is the case. it happens naturally that the art student of
> degas will go off in their own direction, and its impossible to say what
> that direction will be. in the case of "factory painting," where a
> person is trained to make the same seaside scene (or a kostabi) over and
> over again, to fill the walls of motel-6's around the globe, the artist
> isn't an artist, they are a factory worker, a xerox machine, a computer.

i find joust one thing in 'great' masters: they don't teach form,
they teach how to express - only thing to learn from them is this.

+ it's good to see how sometimes form and content joust flow together
(and you can't divide them)

> well, whatever is your kink, i don't pass judgement provided both
> parties consent.  problem here is, how do you know if your computer says
> "no." humor aside, your computer is neither happy nor sad, it just is.
> it exists in a perfect state of zen.

no zen in computer, computer joust is
(and it's joust a tool)

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