RE: [-empyre-] transparency+digidos

> Melinda:

> > As far as I know all the behaviour predictions work on a group of 
> > people, never on the individual. You can statistically predict what 
> > the stock market (manouvred by a group of people) will do 
> in a given 
> > situation, or even flocking. But predicting individuals 
> behaviours as 
> > singles...
>  maybe thast because we are really part of a larger 
> organism.. ie ther planet, the solar, the cosmos.. and 
> whatever lies outside that, so we run round in our ant or 
> beehive like cultural ecomomic gepgraphic ethnic tribes 
> thinking we are individuals, rather than one sub routine of  
> a huge biosystem .. whenthe actions are taken as a whole 
> maybe they make sense.. or maybe we cant probably predict the 
> movements of the whole system cause we are only a tiny spec 
> in it..and never have knowledge situated from our limited position

That's a theory, but it seems to me to be more of a religion. You can
believe it or not, it's your choice. But there are no evidences of
something like, say, Gaia.
For myself, I choose to be more in the humanistic/renaissance mood and
think that we, humans, occupy a place a bit higher in the global
hierarchy, compared to whales or dolphins. We wear clothes. For the good
and the bad. And we change the system in such a way that other living
species have either to adapt to it or die. No other living element of
the system does that, at least not as fast as we do.

I'm not expressing judgement on this, just expose it as a fact. There
are good and bad results out of it. Pollution and extintion and war are
nothing to be proud of. Jorge Luis Borges is.



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